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Leave space for the helmet

The helmet has a special meaning for many... How important is it to you? Never thought I would write about it. I did regret having one on my head, but now I like one on my head. And I must say: its quit interesting out there wearing a helmet these days....... “Watch out Helmets…. beginners:… Continue reading Leave space for the helmet

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Why YOU need to start hydrofoiling – 10 simple facts

Thinking about, not convinced yet, dreaming about it, wishing I could….nothing wrong with dreaming  - if you don’t forget to make them reality! 10 real live hydrofoiling facts I face every day again and again. More kiting days and a new challenge. 1. No more just not enough days – show off ! That means,… Continue reading Why YOU need to start hydrofoiling – 10 simple facts

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Foil Cup Holland 2018 – 10 faces :)

My face when someone turns in front of me from out of NO-where...without looking or any sign. Or is passing the marks from the wrong side….And I suddenly need to react.. Just WHY? 2. Always and I mean ALWAYS making the wrong choices (actually being surprised if I make it exactly). Too far away or… Continue reading Foil Cup Holland 2018 – 10 faces 🙂

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#photoshop… or not? -World Cup Sardinia 2018

#photoshop ….. or not? - World Cup Sardinia 2018 NO it isn`t, I really did survive my first WORD CUP ever with a hydrofoil 🙂 Racing in between the best man and woman of the world! Racing with race kites on short lines, which I rode in total 1 or 2 times.  I didn’t  go… Continue reading #photoshop… or not? -World Cup Sardinia 2018