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Yep, my new goal!  I have always been challenging myself in everything. I don’t even know how life is without competition. I found out I always have to work towards a goal, being on a mission – preferably no-one ever did. That’s what makes my life fun. And a bit of a never ending adventure… for everyone around….. I know!

Skiing competitions, soccer with the guys, running competitions, getting all swimming certificates, dancing, skating, surfing……… From frozen to liquid water…….Meeting all disciplines of kitesurfing, snowkiting….. hydrofoiling. I like to try it all and the become the best version of it and of myself. Sometimes that means practising the same trick over and over, crashing for hours and hours, and sometimes it means just pushing that limit and crossing the boundaries. But nothing worth having comes without some kind of a fight – I always learned.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn`t work hard”

Why..? It makes me excited if I am scared, I have to do it. The same with kitefoiling and reaching new speeds. You can be anything. Just believe in yourself and do it with passion. Have fun do it for yourself, because you like it.

And as we all know Kitefoiling will be in the olympics of 2024 – Paris. The format will be a mixed team relay. That means a team of one man and one woman. As we speak 2020, no-one of us ever did a team relay, we just finished our first individual worlds. This mission will not be an easy one, there is still a lot of work to do, equipment wise & training wise.  We still arage everything ourselves – equipment – travel – training. But it`s just the beginning. And it’s amazing to see the top guys racing, to see where it can get in such a short time.

In 2019 I did qualify The Netherlands – while I just started foiling – for the ANOC World Beach Games in Qatar. An International beach multi-sport event organized by the Association of National Olympic Committees. While some of the sports appear in the Olympic Games, all events on the program are non-Olympic events meaning there is new opportunities to engage for every country. There I placed myself 14th of the world.  And actually I did that all by myself.  

“compare yourself only to who you were yesterday – be your own competition”

This year 2020 we started KitefoilteamNL. A small group of enthusiastic kitefoilers from the Netherlands training & growing together. With as goal to be on top of the world and qualify for the Olympics 2024. The team is about helping and inspiring others so we can reach our potential together.

Curious? I tell you my little stories about the recent competitions I did, the adventures I went through – follow my kitefoiling journey & let’s see how far we can get in this world!

Have Fun!!

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