Coaching & Life

“You keep a lot to yourself because it’s difficult to find people who understand.”

It’s true is it?  Hiding yourself behind the I’m oke story and the smile, because who understand it who will support it? It’s easier to keep it for yourself. Sometimes, it explains, it helps to find someone telling it for you or sharing it with someone. You’re not alone and everybody has a story, this is yours. During my travel around the world as a kitesurfer and student I learned a lot, about people, about life, about myself. This experience and this passion for life (I found again) I would love to share with you, to inspire you and motivate you, finding you love to live, your goal your mission back! Because life is great 🙂

“Because we all know how difficult it is to do something alone”. Somebody who listens to you, somebody who is there for you. Learn to follow your own heart, reaching your goals, and to love your live again.

Coaching Session

During a coaching session we will find out together, where you are, how you got there. Trough creating awareness we try to find your way, your way to change the situation by yourself. Where does your energy come from, your happiness? I will help you learn to listen to yourself again, to follow your hart again, creating your own way!

Some are already helped with one coaching session, while others need more. If we go into the longer range, we will determine your objectives, your goals together with your question. We will make a plan how you can reach this goal step by step. This is also possible as an online program.  Contact me for enquiries or to know if it fit`s for you.


For people who want to talk on a lower level, whatever is on your mind, I started with the Inspiring coffee (Cola) date or a walk in the dunes. Here we talk about your feeling for change; your struggles in live or you know what you want but not how to reach it. This session is for a lot of people enough to get some points and a direction.   Also with people who want to know how I changed my life, as an entrepreneur or my life changing story as a skier to a kitesurfer and traveler, my struggles, my adventure, tips and tricks, lets meet! J  For more privacy and rest a coaching session is a better choice. Or the online program can be a fit.  Contact me for enquiries or if it fits to you.


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