Welcome to my coaching –page. Super nice youre taking the time to have a look at my page. Maybe you would like to know a bit more about who I am and what I do, so here you go:

My name is Mariska, lifestyle coach, a kitesurfer, traveler and the owner of this webpage. 24 years old and since 1 year active as a health and lifestyle coach.  And, I can tell you, every day with a lot of fun and passion! Next to my own goals, I help you to reach new goals and missions in live.  Nothing better than that is it?

“Because we all know how difficult it is to do something alone”.

Next to lifestyle coaching, it wouldn`t surprise you (if you have seen my website in more detail), I am an enthusiastic kitesurfer too, for 4 years now I believe. Before the kitesurfing I was something else, but that’s another story. Since the 4 years I am also a Kitesurfing Coach and Instructor (level 2.) Coaching and teaching kitesurfing is one of my other passions. In all disciplines you can think of; freestyle, race, big air or hydrofoil , I like them all 🙂  The past years, I inspired and helped a lot of kiters to the next level or goal. Next to the fact that I developed myself in every kiting dicipline and in the competition field (as tour Champion 2018 in Hangtime – Race – Freestyle of the Philippines and Dutch Champion Big Air of the Netherlands 2017). What do you want to learn?

Through all the travel, all the sports, training and education I did in the Sports, Health and Lifestyle sector I gained a lot of experience.  The past taught me (lucky or unlucky) a lesson about health and food. I know how important it is to eat well, but in a fun, heathy and nice way so all needed vitamins and minerals are taken, the complete lifestyle. How is your lifestyle?

There I also got a lesson about life, the important things and the less important things, about real friends, hope and believe. Believe in yourself, believe in others, don’t care what others think and learned to never ever give up. This developed my passion to help other people as a Coach on the surface but also in more depth.

My experience I love to share with you, to inspire, to motivate and to show you, your possibilities, because possibilities are endless, believe me – no matter what! Any questions? Or curious about my “work” or the coaching programs we have? Don`t hesitate to contact me!

“Make it happen”   

Mariska Wildenberg

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