“Because we all know how difficult it is to do something alone”.

Yup, in life and even in kitesurfing, some things look impossible until its done, we all have dreams, we all have our little goals… maybe scared to fall, to fail or to lose, don’t know where to start or … I can tell you: Nothing is impossible – show it! The only distance between your dreams and reality is called action. Your dreams don’t have to be big they just have to be yours!  

The past years I learned how important it is to have that helping hand, that secret extra eyes at the time or that push to not be afraid to fall or to fail. That voice that tells you: Don’t care about what others think. Or tells you to try one more time after you already found a thousand ways that didn’t work. Someone who tells you to never give up on your dreams!

“Make it happen” 

My experience I love to share with you, to inspire you, to motivate you and to show you, your possibilities, because possibilities are endless, believe me!


The newest discipline in the kitesurfing world. Learn how to gybe or to tack. Or maybe even a first jump!  

Formula Kite / Kitefoiling – flying that foil kite!

Yes, the formula 1 of the kitesport (and maybe even sailing sport) – kitefoiling. Its super fast and exciting. It’s another level of hydrofoiling. Using foilkites and racing hydrofoils – sounds a bit scary but it isn’t. Flying kites on shorter lines, bigger kites than the average kiter on a twintip. Going faster than ever and discover new limits on the water. And maybe start your first hydrofoil competition!

Advanced Coaching / freestyle, big air wave, foil

Learn your first unhooked raily,  ride upwind for the first time, make that toeside turn or get some new inspiration to level up. Get that kiteloop finally done or you need that extra push to start with boardoffs? Well and maybe a first attempt to the handle pass you always dreamed of. Or get ready for your first competition!

Beginner Coaching

Your independent but still a bit unsure about your equipment? or to go to the beach alone? I can be your buddy. And show you around.

Kitelessons: Girls, boys, mums, dads, kids or Grandparents 🙂

You’re never too young or old to learn. Since a few years I am IKO level 2 instructor and have been teaching students and assistant teachers around the world.


Clinics / Demonstration / Presentations


Mariska Wildenberg

AND so can you!

 This is /was my comfort zone and also everything but my comfort zone. This is where I learned to challenge myself, to push myself to get better, to be better, to get comfortable with the uncomfortable .

Here I learned: the difficult is what takes a little time, the impossible is what takes a little longer  . Dont give up just because something is hard, pushing through challenges is what makes you grow!