We all know that one girl that always travels… Let’s just go somewhere!

My route around the world! 

Watching Sunsets around the world is boring no – one ever said! What is your next destination?

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is dscf2291.jpgWatching Sunset s around the world is boring no – one ever said!  What is your next destination? 

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My first month in Peru – Paracas, part I.  4 letters , one word….


First of all some GREAT kitesurfing here! My first month, weeks can be ultra-short summarized, into a repeating 4 letters, ONE WORD: kite – kite –kite & kite. find the full article here. 

My first month in Peru – Paracas, part II.  More than kiting


BUT before heading over to food and accomodation, you need to know how to get  to  Paracas isnt it ?!  Read it here !

10  I should have known tips when travelling the Philippines


Will it be easy? Nope.

Worth it? Absolutely!

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Yihaaaaa.. I am back! – The Netherlands 


‘Don’t be a stranger and come back one day ma’am’ .  What do I think about going back to Holland Read More

Part I of  Traveling The Philippines – Moments of thought


A lot of times where I think: “What would I do?” . Sharing my toughts with a stranger during the layover on my way back to Holland, at the airport of Shanghai. Read More

Philippine Kiteboarding Tour 2017 in between the stops: Tablas Island

DSC08868 (3) Tablas Island is een eiland waar alles nog is zoals het vroeger was. Water dat uit de grond gepompt wordt, leven in hutjes, super veel rijstvelden, je eigen groenten en fruit laten groeien, alleen een koude douche. Afval verbranden, geen grote supermarkten, geen bankrekening, geen toeristen en het beste;  de enige kiter op het water.  Read More