The first day ever since I met with a kite, I am screwed…

Never leave  the door anymore without thinking about bringing kite-gear, checking the leaves or the wind forecast too often, never enter an airplane with just one bag, set meetings with friends is past (needs to be windguru-flexible) and I accepted the fact the sand is following me everywhere. In the house, shower and car (and yes also to university classes)!

On this page you will find some tips and tricks, my way into interntional competitions (again) and some stories about my travel experiences trough different spots all over the world:

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“There`s no WIFI on the water, but you definitely find a good connection”

My year of 2019

💥 I know…2020 has started! And, 2019 you have been exciting! 🙏💥
It was not about winning but about learning. What is it going to be in 2019? – You have no idea how I struggled with that question the whole year. Until the very last moment I was never sure about where to go, which competition to go to or even to go or not. 🤷‍♀️
▪️2019 ended up with so many new things, a lot of unexpected adventures, never ending travels, lots of unknown challenges, new experiences, limits tested and lesson learned. 👌
▪️2019 made me winning the long distance in the Snowkiteworld cup. 🥇 Some secret freestyle & coaching in between 😁 Becoming 18th in my first worlds in Formula Kite. Ended as 15th European in the Formula Kite Europeans. A 14th place in the kitefoilworldseries stop. Qualifiyng for for the ANOC World Beach Games in Qatar. Representing the Dutch as part of Teamnl – one great experience, also going here with a coach and the whole event. Ended as 14th
✅ Which makes me accomplish that goal of being in the top 15 this year.
✅ The proof for myself I could actually do it – kitefoilracing!
✅Survived all three events in a row
✅ It was fun!
▪️In 2019 I managed not to do everything, but a lot. I have been fighting for every place, unless experience or equipment used. Still hating the bridles, all little details. 🧐 Or questioning why the foil is behaving like that 🤔 I have been flying away more than once, crashing over and over or swimming back again and again / close to throwing that kite away. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Well there I discovered that just motivates me more. 💪😬 It`s all part of the game this season teached me. Especially during the last trainingweeks we did – these weeks answered all my questions. I do like challenges, testing the limits and exploring this new boundaries… 🙌🙌 Foiling is so much more and after all I have learned I am not alone! Together we can reach a lot – thanks for rescuing, not letting me fly away this year and riding/competing together all over the world – everyone! 🌏 🤙
Thank you fone & Manera for for believing in me too! 🙏
Now let`s get ready for 2020! 😎✌️
👇👇👇👇For the full story 👇👇👇👇👇👇

Take the risk or lose the chance! What is it going to be 2019?



When was the last time you did something for the first time? How to start hydrofoiling – 10 tips.

That moment you wish you could foil and you can! That’s perfect, making the most of all kiting days and circumstances. And leave everybody behind on the beach, just enjoy your session, alone, flying over the       water. Seeing people struggle…..Read it here 


Foil Cup Holland 2018 – 10 faces 🙂

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is imgl8850jpg_45225356792_o.jpg

Find them here! 

Leave space fot the Helmet! .. Bob de Bouwer draagt er immers ook 1 toch? 🙂

Read it all!

Why YOU need to start hydrofoiling – 10 simple facts

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is 18320471_1515200168499860_5098967711907389798_o.jpg

Thinking about, not convinced yet, dreaming about it, wishing I could….nothing wrong with dreaming  – if you don’t forget to make them reality!

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Kitesurfing: 10 things NOBODY ever tells you.

Photo: Don Laczi

Well kitesurfing is a great sport and you can do awesome thing swith it but…..Read it here!

Hydrofoiling & Mariska – The start of our relationship.


Hydrofoiling & Mariska – the start of our relationship.  A long lasting relationship or just a try out? Expensive, boring or fun? This is my story: Read More


ANOC World Beach Games Doha/Qatar 2019

ANOC World Beach Games 2019 10 t/m 16 October in Doha – Qatar. An International beach multi-sport event organized by the Association of National Olympic Committees. Read more

Formula Kite World Championships – Italy 2019

For the first time I travelled with just a foil and foilkites to my  first Formula Kite World Championship. Secretly I was not convinced, not yet. Am I good enough? Should I go ?  Read more!

Foil Season 2018 & my struggles

Things always seems so easy, and you’re not the only one! I had my struggles as well, did a lot of work behind it , maybe even more than you ever know.

Read more about it here! 

Goldcup stop 3. World Cup – Sardinia 2018


#photoshop ….. or not? 

NO it isn`t, I really did survive my first WORD CUP ever with a hydrofoil 🙂

Racing in between the best man and woman of the world! Racing with race kites on short lines, which I rode in total 1 or 2 times.  I didn’t  go here to win, neither to lose but sometimes you have to jump into the deep water to realize you can swim. And since I have a lot of swimming certificates, I think I can swim. Read here how it worked out for me….

Philippine Kiteboarding Tour 2018, Stop 4: Cagbalete Island

Photo credits: zander servando / Arkimagine Multimedia Studios

Yep, another stop, the last one and yes, I was supposed to go home before this stop. Enjoy a few hours of Holland and drive to France for some snow together with friends. Perfectly planned, I thought so.  Let the last stop of the PKA secretly pass, in silence. But you know what? that didn`t really happen this way…. read it here!

Philippine Kiteboarding Tour 2018, Stop 3: Boracay Island

Photo credits: Don Laczi

The forecast wouldn`t be a forecast if it changed. From strong winds and rain to no wind at all…. That`s also the main story of the competition. Out of the three days we managed to get one day of wind. One day of wind in all variations, an all in 1-day: no wind, light wind, different directions, until stormy weather with rain or to be more precise: a lot of rain! Read More

 Philippine Kiteboarding Tour 2018, Stop 1: Lakawon Island

PKA Lakawon
Photo Credits: Zander Servando

The first stop of the Philippine Kiteboarding Tour 2018 on Lakawon Island, did I win the competition? Read More

Dutch Championships Big Air 2017

NK Big Air 2017
Photo Credits: Inez Vree/Kitepaparazza

After a long waiting period (let’s say over one year), a lot of no go`s… We got a GO for the Dutch Championship Big Air (NK Big Air) 2017. Actually I forgot about it, receiving the email I did remember I subscribed sometime a year ago.

“My plan was… to let it pass in silence” (yeah, right in silence, let it pass…..)  or.. Read More.

You know the story of the #redbullragnarok2017?


Well that … was an adventure and lifetime experience this year again… Read More 

Philippine Kiteboarding Tour 2017, Stop 2: Bantayan Cebu

Photo Credits: Don laczi

Zoals elk jaar komt er een moment in Nederland dat je, je toch echt moet toegeven aan die vervelende handschoenen en schoentjes. Ik heb een beetje de gewoonte ontwikkeld dit te omzeilen… Read it here!  

Philippine Kiteboarding Tour 2017, Stop 3: Boracay Island


Eind van de maand is het tijd voor Stop 3  van de PKA – Bulabog Beach, Boracay 18 t/m 20 februari 2017. Deze stop vindt plaats in het kite paradijs van de Filipijnen en staat bekend om een hoog niveau in de competitie. Read it here!

Philippine Kiteboarding Tour 2017, Stop 4: Cagbalette Island

Photo Credits: Zander Servando

De laatste stop schijnt op een paar uur afstand van Manilla te zijn, Stop 4 – Cagbalette Island, Mauban Quezon. De vraag die ik gelijk voor me zie: hoeveel boten taxies en bussen hebben we nodig om hier te komen? Read it here!