The best surfer out there is the one having the most FUN they say.

It’s not always about results, being the best, proving yourself, life isn`t a competition. Life is about taking chances, trying new things, meeting new people, having fun, making mistakes and learning from it! And then I realized adventure is the best way to learn, sometimes I just need a reminder …. sometimes 🙂

Better late than never to share the story of some great adventures around the world or follow me on youtube to not miss out on anything!

A little story about kitesurfing & me – Part 1 & part 2.

Ice kiting & Ice wing in The Netherlands! 2021 – Frozen Memories & Days not to forget! 🙂

We are back! #Kitefoilingmissionsofmaris ツ after almost three months…..>>>>>>

The year of 2020 in the Netherlands

Winter 2020

Silly Things: On top of the mountains with us 2020 🙌 🗻
You don`t always need the big kickers, the sliders or a halfpipe – just to have fun 😇 a difficult lesson but I managed to survive – 7 days – 7 different ski area’s – 7 normal turns – scared away people – scary ice kiting rides – some snow shovel tricks – 1 killed snowman… ⛇ 🤷‍♀
#appreciatewhatyouhave #waveandsmile 😊

Cabarete 2019 / 2020

Kitefoil Europeans

Snowkiting in Norway 2019

Paracas Peru 2018/2019

Laguna Grande & Paracas

Hydrofoiling the Paracas Bay:

Snowkiting in Norway 2018

The Philipinnes 2018 – Fun & High Fives

The Philipinnes 2018 – Tricks & Travel

The Netherlands 2017

jumping into a new week like……….. #itsmonday ! 🙂

F-one race hydrfofoil & Ozone Chrono 15m in action with 7-12 knots 🙂

Strapless hydrofoil fun – Wijk aan Zee – Mariska Wildenberg

Some 11 knots strapless foiling fun with the F-One Hybrid 600 hydrofoil and the Ozone Chrono 13m.

Brazil December 2016

Can`t Choose – 2 minutes of fun in Brazil

First jumps; Foiling FUN in Brazil – high tide

“Hold On” that 5m kite ^_^

Redbull Ragnarok 2016 – Norway

Snowkiting fun in Norway and the Redbull Ragnarok 2016