Hello and welcome to my world 🙋‍♀️ This is me: 👇

#spuitelf  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“If you dont ask permission no-one can say NO”

Name: Mariska Wildenberg

Born: 28th of February

Home Town: Usually The Netherlands

Favorite Spot: Wijk aan zee, The Netherlands & Whistler on skies

Study: Postgraduate Master: Management, Accountancy & Control

Before: Bachelor Sports Management & Entrepreneurship | MBA- Entrepreneurship

Also: licensed IKO / level 2 instructor and outdoor instructor (in case you need one 😛 )

Kiting Since: 5 years & Competing since 3 years

Because:  Why not? Unexpected opportunity. And the will to always improve, always test the limits and always driven to reach a new goal. While having fun (in everything I do ) otherwise I wouldnt do it anymore.

And offcourse thanks to my awesome parents. Chasing the wind with me everywhere, running behind me, untangling lines, launching kites, supporting me, wiping the tears out off my eyes, sending me out there to try one more time, being there for me in the rain and cold.

Mum and Dad looked at me, they saw something worth believing in, long before I believed in myself

This made me who I am today!

Discipline: Freestyle, Big Air, Foil, Race, wave – are there any more I should learn? or.. maybe learning a backrol, but I never surfed a real “big”wave with my surfboard and kite.

Other sports: Soccer, surfing, skating, longboarding, skiing, snowboarding, cycling, running, walking the dog….. probably everything outside you can think of 😊 On a young age I already learned to challenge myself in every sport, I did running competitions, soccer and dance on a high level. Skiing, all diciplines. I got all my swimming certificates..and everything I could make progress in – loved and still love to do beside kitesurfing.

Goals: ….. …….  Nothing is impossible – Show it! And if there is no way.. you should create one!

Inspiration: People who say: You cant! for some reason I like to proof them (&myself) wrong. Aswell as the boys, who are always better in almost all sports and my mind which is thinking…..what they can do.. girls can do toooo!! (and maybe even better!!) and since I always learn the hard way… 😛 

2019: Will be a year with more foiling, getting more knowlegde about this world and put some rankings out there! And offcourse I will not let my tube kites and twintip down in stronger winds 🙂 lees meer over mijn 2019 hier.

2020: ….

This is life! And you decide :): “

The same but different, the inside is still the same, but different. The outside is still the same , but different. The scenery changed… just a bit, from frozen to liquid water, still about chasing dreams, finding new adventures, being in the air, spinning around, flying upside down, crossing boundaries, reaching goals, facing challenges, creating my own way,  having fun,  seeing the world, discover new things, competing, making new friends and learn as much as possible BUT a bit more about something important I learned (and I am still learning):  Enjoying the little things in life, appreciate what you actually have reached. No- one will take that away from you! 🙂 And if I ever forget – remind me!

👆 This is /was my comfort zone and also everything but my comfort zone. This is where I learned to challenge myself, to push myself to get better, to be better, to get comfortable with the uncomfortable 🙃.

Here I learned: the difficult is what takes a little time, the impossible is what takes a little longer 🐢 🐢 🐢.

Dont give up just because something is hard, pushing through challenges is what makes you grow! 💪 🌱 

…. And great things take time, so does skiing almost 120 km/hour again 🤫

” There is nothing to proof and nothing to protect, I was who I was, I am who I am and thats enough” 

Follow my never ending adventure on this website! 🙂 More about my team and the best supporters I have on this page! dont forget to check out my recourses (coming soon!)!

Any questions? I think you know how to conact me! 🙂

Have fun and enjoy life,