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Watching Sunsets around the world is boring no – one ever said! What is your next destination?

Watching Sunset s around the world is boring no – one ever said!  What is your next destination?

For the once who do know me or think they know me:  I love to travel, love to discover the unknown and go the places I have never been before! 

What`s next?  That’s the question I always ask myself even if I am far away from home or just home for a few days. There is always something new, unknown, an  adventure that needs to be discovered somewhere on earth. Some mountains, fresh tracks or undiscovered paths. The past years, and … I was going to say the purpose changed a bit but that’s not true. So no; it’s still the same; I like to see the country itself and the local environment but the main purpose was and still is the sport (to compete, to train, to progress and to have fun). he past years that became more and more kitesurfing or snowkiting! Chasing the wind and finding the ocean.

What’s your next destination? …Well… I have one or two or… more in mind.

“Some Journeys can only be traveled alone”

It has been a journey that separates my live, sometimes it feels like there is no end to that journey. “Travelling for so long and wondering when you arrive” . The best thing ever happened during that journey is getting to kite. It gave me a whole new purpose, a whole new adventure, something to train for, something to live for – its all about the journey.

The past 5 years of my kiting career I Have been to a lot of countries, some on my own, some with family or friends. Sometimes with the plane and sometimes with the car. Or another vehicle; boat, bus, train, motorbike, tricycle, horse, donkey… everywhere where I can take my boardbags 🙂 A little change with before, not that much luxury but more off myself, my own road, creating my own new way! Starting from zero.

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you, somehow”










Italy : Sardinia – Hydrofoil Gold Cup || Worlds 2019


Netherlands – Home town

Philippines :

Peru : Part I // Part II



South Africa






Norway: Ragnarok || Snowkiting Norway Tips


Italy : Lago Di Resia – Snowkite World Cup


Recent:  Dakhla, Italy , Peru , Norway, Italy Sardegna, Doha/Qatar

Now: Somewhere on the world

On the planning so far:   ………? any ideas?

The list will be updated with stories and new destinations 🙂 (last update: October 2019)

More about watching Sunsets and sunrises

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