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My snack bag- face!

That moment when they all say you’re not eating enough fruit but you know you do! That kind of face  🙂

…..  Essentially it is for kids but in the end we all stay kids is it?

Never grow up, it’s a trap!

… you should know.

 Picture18 (5)

Convincing me, is not always easy, especially not if it’s about food or supplements. But sometimes they open new ways, new opportunities and new doors! Doors to new feelings and a better life, especially in my case J  time to share some secrets….

My first little life-resource secret:

My snack bag contains little candys (yes they taste like candys, probably the kids reason 😉 ) . These little chewables are soft and deliver added whole food based nutrition from 20 different fruits (in this case), vegetables, and grains in a tasty format.  Well, the appealing taste comes from two all-natural sweeteners – tapioca syrup and organic cane syrup. Yup that last sentence is not mine and don`t ask me about it, google will know 😉  At least its helping me living the active live and don`t worry about the food, while still staying healythy.

About the candies, my snack bag I can tell you everything and more, simply send me aa message. Or click here if you want to experience it yourself and make your own opinion about it! its in Dutch but you can change the language to english  🙂

Photo Credits: Don Laczi


* * {Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. This means that if you decide to purchase some of these resources, I earn a small commission at no additional cost for you. I only recommend selected products that I’m convinced about and that I would buy (or already did buy) myself.}

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