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Driven by passion…

…brought with pleasure.

“Passion is a love for the journey, drive is a need to reach a destination”. 

So where are you waiting for?  Travel the world with me! And believe me I still need to reach a lot of destinations.   My blog represents my own travel & kite – adventures & stories, worldwide & in my home country – The Netherlands. Mariska`s never ending adventure in lifethe world and in sports!

“She believed, she could, so she did”

If everybody goes left, I will go right and smile. If everything happens in a certain way it will happen different in my live. A never ending adventure…always something to laugh about, to remember or to forget, always another story.  Why can`t I just be “normal” and boring? Write a book about it and you will definitely have a never ending story, or maybe a complete new library with all storylines combined (comedy, drama, family).  But the most important thing, I always believed in myself. Even tough life totally sucks, and  it’s really hard to push forward, but you can, everybody can… because life is great!!!  Just believe in it and do it, for yourself. Others will never truly understand your journey. And so you know what they say: If plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters, just try it one more time and stay cool!

“Mission impossible”

What I learned is that you always should believe in the impossible. It is going to be hard, but hard is not impossible – and it will be worth it – believe me. From skiing  to kiteboarding, from nothing at all to studying a master, from struggles to competing international. Some days I surprise myself and other days I don`t even know what day it is. Its oke.  Acceptance doesn`t mean resignation. It means understanding that something is what it is and there`s got to be a way through it.

 “If there is no way , create one”

Even if it means taking my kite to class or travelling 60 km by bus, train, boat and foot to reach the beach and go kiting…. Starting with work 4 in the morning, studying until 3 and kiting until it`s dark….There is always a way, you just have to make it happen.  Look for possibilities and progress. Don’t compare and justify. Life has no limitations , except the ones you make.

“Representing possibilities”

 This page is (still) here so I finally can say; “yes I will share my passion again”.  – took me some time to be convinced – It will give answer to some questions in my adventures live. Hopefully to inspire you, to follow your dreams, to find the possibilities in live, to believe in yourself and to create your own way. Nothing is impossible, show it! Or how we say: ik heb het nog niet gedaan dus ik denk dat ik het wel kan  I never did it before so I think I can do it!

Let the journey begin, enjoy!

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